Antibody Conjugation

What type of conjugation services do you provide?

We can help conjugate proteins, small haptens, sugars and other molecules with your Fluor of interest. Typically we help researchers conjugate either their own antibody (produced by us or themselves) or antibodies from commercial suppliers who do not provide the necessary Flour for that particular antibody.

What is the Cost Recovery for you conjugation services?

This depends on many factors such as the molecule to be conjugated, quantity, concentration, subsequent purification required and the chosen Flour. For antibodies in an ideal situation where the antibody is pure, in a suitable buffer, and at a reasonable concentration conjugation services will run around $150.00 for 1mg of antibody

Can you conjugate an Antibody from a Commercial Supplier?

Yes we can but there are a number of parameters that affect the ultimate outcome. Many suppliers provide antibodies at less than optimal concentrations for conjugation and many add carriers or stabilizers. In these cases often it is necessary to purify and/or concentrate the antibody prior to conjugation which could lead to significant loss of the starting material. We have developed strategies to deal with these challenges but every situation can present different obstacles leading to varying outcomes. In these cases it is always best to discuss your requirements with us and determine a plan that will in the end lead to the very best chance of a successful reagent for you.

How much antibody do you require?

Again this will depend on the starting conditions of the antibody. We can successfully conjugate low ug quantities from dilute complex mixtures, however; this is not ideal and yields can be poor. Given the antibody is at a high enough concentration and in a suitable buffer we can conjugate almost as little antibody as you wish to afford

What are the ideal conditions for our antibody to be conjugated?

Your antibody needs to be at a sufficiently high enough concentration ( 2mg/ml or higher) and in a buffer without contaminating primary amines or sulfhydryl groups depending on the conjugation chemistry involved. This means typically Amine or Tris buffers are not suitable as well as carrier proteins such as BSA, Gelatin or others. We do have strategies to deal with less than optimal conditions but yields can be affected depending on what is required to reach to best reactions conditions for you antibody.

Do you conjugate antibody from Tissue Culture Supernatant?

Yes. We provide antibody purification services and would be happy to conjugate your antibody after purifying from tissue culture supernatant you provide or from a production run we have done for you.

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