The Facility

The AbLab (UBC Antibody Lab) was established to assist the research community and biotech industry with their various antibody needs. We supply the highest quality in-house antibody reagents at cost, saving researchers valuable time and research dollars. Focusing our many years of experience in antibody technologies the AbLab can assist you throughout the entire process from production and down-stream processing to modification including labelling, conjugation and fragmentation. Our cutting edge production systems allow for the highest quality product with high batch-to-batch reproducibility. You provide us your hybridoma and we do the rest.

The AbLab also maintains an extensive inventory of commonly used monoclonal antibodies conjugated to multiple flourophores for your convenience and serves as a repository for researcher’s hybridomas, ensuring a reliable consistent supply and simplifying the handling of requests for clones and antibody.

We invite you to contact us to see how the AbLab can help you with your antibody needs.

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