What is the best way to provide you with our clone(s)?

We are happy to accept your cell line(s) either in media or on dry ice. To avoid the expense and paper work of dry ice shipments shipping your cell lines in media can often be a good option if they are already in culture. Overnight deliveries work best in this case. We would suggest shipping your cells in media with 20% serum and buffered with 10mM Hepes pH 7.2. Typically a 15ml or 50ml tube filled to slightly below maximum and parafilmed tight works well. Package the tube in either a padded envelope or box marked with “ Keep at Room Temperature”. Before proceeding please do contact us so that we can be ready to receive your shipment. In particular, receiving biologicals through Canada Customs requires paper work from our end which needs to be organized prior to shipping. We prefer shipments to be made on Mondays so that we have a number of days to monitor your cell line(s) while first in culture.

What is the Cost Recovery of your Production and Purification Services?

Cost Recovery very much depends on the antibody clone you provide and your requirements. As such this needs to be accessed on a case by case basis before and during production. Low producers, specific media requirements, the need for additional subcloning & screening, mycoplasma contamination ect. can all affect the final cost of an antibody production project. With a clone that produces well that does not require additional services we can typically provide at least 10mg’s of purified IgG for $900.00. To get a better idea of your expected costs please feel free to contact us.

What happens to our cell line once production is completed?

Once your antibody production is complete all cell lines are destroy unless instructed otherwise.

Can you cryopreserve our cell line and ship back to us?

Yes certainly. This is a service we would be happy to provide if requested.

How about handling requests for antibody from the Research Community?

Many researchers would rather keep control of their antibody clones but find the handling of requests for antibody from the general research community taxing and costly. We appreciate the significant effort and resources it can take to handle the requests from the research community for uniquely generated antibodies that a researcher may publish on. If there is significant interest and benefit to the research community on a whole for a particular antibody we are happy to take on the associated labour and cost to provide the antibody to the research community. All antibody and conjugates are provided to the research community on a Cost Recovery basis and accessible to all. All claims and intellectual rights remain with the researcher and thoroughly respected.